How A Chin Lift Can Change Your Entire Face

How A Chin Lift Can Change Your Entire Face

If you wonder how a chin lift can give you a more youthful and balanced look, look no further than this guide from Anne Arundel ENT.

What Is Facial Balance, And Why Is It Important?

If you wonder what makes someone attractive to others, look no further than facial balance. Facial balance describes the level of harmony one’s facial features have with one another. While everyone has personal preferences, it is believed that there is a science to what people find visually appealing and that the Golden Ratio can be applied for a mathematical understanding of the beauty present in human faces. With expert input from a plastic surgeon, your features can be refined or enhanced so that there is a more beautiful balance and symmetry in your face.

Do I Have Submental Fullness?

While many of us would rather have a defined, contoured jawline, some people have excess fat in the under-chin area, also known as a double chin or submental fullness. There are a number of factors that cause submental fullness, including genetics, weight, and anatomy. It can be difficult to get rid of a double chin with lifestyle changes alone, as fat that accumulates around the neck and face does not respond to diet and exercise in the same way that fat in other areas of the body can.

What Is A Chin Lift?

A chin lift, also known as neck lift or chin liposuction, is a procedure performed to remove fat cells in the under-chin area and contour the remaining tissues into a slim, defined profile. This procedure is especially beneficial for patients who don’t see weight loss results in their chin and neck area, even after committing to lifestyle changes. Some people with submental fullness often point out that when they observe their appearance in the mirror or in photos, a double chin makes them look rounder and heavier than they are. This effect can throw off the proportions of one’s face and even the rest of their body. With a chin lift, you can show off the contours of your jawline.

Could I Also Benefit From Chin Augmentation?

Some clients do not achieve their desired profile or adequate facial balance with a chin lift alone, which is why they can also benefit from a chin augmentation. During the procedure, clients can expect to be safely fitted with a pliable implant. For many patients, a chin augmentation can be an excellent way to achieve greater facial balance and harmony among their other features. A chin augmentation, formally known as a genioplasty, can benefit clients in the following ways:

  • Chin augmentation can enhance an under-projected chin and create a more proportional appearance for both men and women.

  • Enlarging the chin can also make the nose less prominent, which is why many clients look forward to having chin augmentation done simultaneously with a rhinoplasty.

  • When done with a chin lift, a chin implant can give clients a defined jawline.

Although it is now more commonplace to get multiple plastic surgery procedures done at once to achieve your desired results, your safety is most important. If you want expert input on what procedure or procedures are best for your aesthetic goals, it is time to consult the professionals for an overview of your medical history and an understanding of what to expect.

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Lee A. Kleiman a doctor at Anne Arundel ENT

Dr. Lee A. Kleiman is a double board certified ENT & plastic surgeon at Anne Arundel ENT in Annapolis, Maryland known for his superior clinical outcomes in all Surgical and Non-Surgical ENT, specializing in Sinus Care, Voice and Swallowing, Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty, and Facelifts and Non-surgical Aesthetic. He also continues to attend conferences internationally and nationally to keep abreast of the latest treatments and technology.