How Facials Benefit Your Skin

Woman receiving spa facial for skin

A facial is a prominent form of beauty care. Although there are different types of facials, they all usually involve constant massaging of the face with creams, steaming, and the application of a face mask. The AAENT Facials & Spa Services offer a wide range of services including:

  • Chemical Peels

  • Skinwave Hydrogen treatment

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Fire & Ice Facial

A Radiant and Clean skin

One of the most immediate benefits of a facial is luminous and even skin. Exposure to toxins, lack of sleep, a poor diet, and the absence of skin care can cause damage. A facial gives your skin an instant glow and can even out your skin tone leaving your skin feeling soft and fresh.  

Your skin helps you keep harmful things out. Without proper facial care, a person can be left with thousands of dead cells that accumulate on their face over time. This is where bacteria, viruses, other germs, and chemicals latch onto your face. In fact, your skin is home to approximately 1,000 species of bacteria. Toxins, like chemicals from pollution and smoking, can contribute to faster aging skin and uneven skin tones. Facials help remove any toxins and dead skin from your face leaving your face smoother. 

Busy days and lack of sleep lead to a swollen face. Facials can help reduce face puffiness by targeting perked-up tired eyes and removing excess fluids from your face. Although facials only provide temporary relief for acne, they help remove blackheads and other impurities from your skin.

Hydrated Skin

Facials keep your skin hydrated. They improve your skin’s oxygen level and collagen production making your face look younger and fresh. Facials also boost your circulation and can tighten your facial muscles. All these benefits combined, help your face effectively age slower. Wrinkle marks, crepey skin, and acne scars are all reduced leaving your skin feeling smoother.  

Benefits for everyone

Facials for men can sometimes be overlooked. Men’s skin receives all the same benefits from facials. For example, some men shave several times during the week. This causes constant ingrown hairs, beard acne, and irritation to their skin. Facials help relieve that razor burn and overall discomfort. People spend large sums of money on great cosmetic products and shaving creams to help their skin. However, because the surface of your skin is so rough the product is not absorbed. Regular facials prepare your skin to take in the products you spend your money on. 

Chemical peels 

The estheticians and facial specialists at Anne Arundel ENT in Annapolis, MD understand how important it is to receive the right facial for your skin. Our office offers specialized cosmetic procedures that use chemical solutions to remove skin damage. Chemical peels are composed of different types of acidic compounds that are placed on your skin and left for a few minutes. These chemicals penetrate your skin, causing minimal irritation, and gradually reduce skin damage.

Skinwave Hydrogen treatment

Skinwave facial treatment is a dermal infusion, hydrogen-based facial that simultaneously hydrates the skin while diminishing signs of aging. During a Skinwave treatment, the outer layer of skin is exfoliated while a combination of solutions are infused into the deeper layers of the skin. During a Skinwave treatment, you can expect contouring facial rollers to massage your face and relax the facial muscles. As the rollers are moved over your face, an electrical pulse will open your pores and allow the acidic solution to be absorbed by your skin. The entire procedure only takes about 20 minutes!


Diamond-peel microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure that uses laser-cut diamond tips to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the production of new skin cells. The procedure happens in 3 steps.

1. A facial cleansing is done.

2. Application of the activating serum to stimulate the skin.

3. The Microderm handpiece will be moved across the skin applying pressure and suction. 

This process is repeated about 5-6 times and the skin will be cleansed again to remove dead skin cells. The entire treatment takes about 10-15 minutes.

Fire & Ice Facial

The Fire and Ice Facial starts off with diamond-peel microdermabrasion treatment. (Mentioned above). After the diamond-peel microdermabrasion treatment has been completed and the face has been washed, then the Fire and Ice Facial starts with an application of the “Fire”.

The “Fire” is our iS Clinical Glycolic Peel, which is used to remove more dead skin cells and brighten your complexion. The peel will remain on your skin for about 3-5 minutes before it is neutralized with our cleansing complex. The cleansing complex is then removed and the “Ice” is applied. The “Ice” is our iS Clinical Rejuvenating Mask, which adds hydration to the skin. The mask will also remain on your skin for 3-5 minutes before being removed. A full face rejuvenation in a total of 25-30 minutes.

Lee A. Kleiman a doctor at Anne Arundel ENT

Dr. Lee A. Kleiman is a double board certified ENT & plastic surgeon at Anne Arundel ENT in Annapolis, Maryland known for his superior clinical outcomes in all Surgical and Non-Surgical ENT, specializing in Sinus Care, Voice and Swallowing, Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty, and Facelifts and Non-surgical Aesthetic. He also continues to attend conferences internationally and nationally to keep abreast of the latest treatments and technology.